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In our time, threats lurk behind every corner. From common criminals to foreign and domestic terrorists, there have never been so many dangers facing your company or organization. In addition to these risks to life and limb, there are also financial issues to consider. Theft of your property, or that of your employees or customers, could lead to serious losses over time. Fortunately, our  company is prepared to help you deal with all of these hazards, before they cause you a major problem.

Security Services
Guard Force Protection Group, LLC provides you with the absolute best in private security services. Our security guards are trained professionals who will guard what matters most to you while dealing with your customers and employees in a respectful manner. We offer security services for different businesses and locations, including, corporations, hospitals, individuals, residential buildings, commercial/industrial and off-duty police.


 In today's world, it isn't enough to lock your front door;
you must take a more active approach to ensure your
home or company's security.
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About Us

Our owner has been in the security business for more than 25 years. He is an active detective in the special investigation unit which conducts investigations into gang and narcotic activity, warrant service, fugitive apprehension and a former S.W.A.T team operator/sniper. So he thoroughly understands the issues of crime and security facing you and your business today and every day. When danger strikes you want to have the very best protection there to defend you, your loved ones, your employees, and your customers. Don't wait until the worst-case scenario happens; start guarding your assets and personnel today, with Guard Force Protection Group, LLC.

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